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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uncleseekers Didakwa Di Mahkamah Hari Ini ?

Uncleseekers didakwa Mahkamah Hari Ini ?

Uncleseekers akan didakwa di mahkamah Johor pada hari ini? Saya tak mahu ulas lanjut ... Kita nantikan bersama dan akan saya update jika ada apa-apa berita.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

6.20 pm News Update !

Uncleseekers tak jadi didakwa di mahkamah hari ini sebaliknya ditunda pada hari esok. Tambah lagi satu malam la gamaknya.

Berkemungkinan akan didakwa dibawah akta 28A?

Bersambung ...


Anonymous said...

wayne said...

as alam bro,
amcm dgn uncle dapat lepas ke x?

zelmey said...

No worry

Fairus Alias said...


Dah jatuh hukum ke..atau apa sekarang..?

Anonymous said...

"Rights of person arrested
28A. (1) A person arrested without a warrant shall be informed
as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest by the police
officer making the arrest.3
Kanun Tatacara Jenayah (Pindaan) (Pindaan)
(2) A police officer shall, before commencing any form of
questioning or recording of any statement from the person
arrested, inform the person that he may —
(a) communicate or attempt to communicate, with a relative
or friend to inform of his whereabouts; and
(b) communicate or attempt to communicate and consult
with a legal practitioner of his choice.
(3) Where the person arrested wishes to communicate
or attempt to communicate with.the persons referred to in
paragraphs (2) (a) and (b), the police officer shall, as soon
as may be, allow the arrested person to do so.
(4) Where the person arrested has requested for a legal
practitioner to be consulted, the police officer shall allow a
reasonable time —
(a) for the legal practitioner to be present to meet the
person arrested at his place of detention; and
(b) for the consultation to take place.
(5) The consultation under subsection (4) shall be within
the sight of a police officer and in circumstances, in so
far as practicable, where their communication will not be
(6) The police officer shall defer any questioning or recording
of any statement from the person arrested for a reasonable
time until the communication or attempted communication
under paragraph 2(b) or the consultation under subsection
(4) has been made.
(7) The police officer shall provide reasonable facilities
for the communication and consultation under this section
and all such facilities provided shall be free of charge.
(8) The requirements under subsections (2), (3), (4), (5),
(6) and (7) shall not apply where the police officer reasonably
believes that—
(a) compliance with any of the requirements is likely to
result in-
(i) an accomplice of the person arrested taking steps
to avoid apprehension; or4
Rang Undang-Undang
(ii) the concealment, fabrication or destruction of
evidence or the intimidation of a witless; or
(b) having regard to the safety of other persons the
questioning or recording of any statement is so urgent
that it should not be delayed.
(9) Subsection (8) shall only apply upon authorization by
a police officer not beloyv the rank of Deputy Superintendent
of Police.
(10) The police officer giving the authorization under
subsection (9) shall record the grounds of belief of the
police officer that the conditions specified under subsection
(8) will arise and such record shall be made as soon as
(11) The investigating officer shall comply with the
requirements under subsections (2), (3), (4), (5), (6) and
(7) as soon as possible after the conditions specified under
subsection (8) have ceased to apply where the person arrested
is still under detention under this section or under section
117." ".

Author MalaysiaCrisis said...

Justice for Uncleseekers.

Mohon berkongsi blog