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Sunday, October 4, 2009

How FOREX can change your life?

How FOREX can change your life?

Yesterday, 3rd October 2009, I have attended a seminar in one five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. That seminar was about financial industry.

There are few topics we have discussed among participants. One thing I would like to share about to you is, I am so shocked when I have met many people in that room are involved FOREX trading and the beauty about it are, they really earned and earning a fantastic profit, they share with us their photos from their passed and current, how they changed their standard of living. They are damn rich ! just in a few months and their business and work just using brain and fingertips.. This is cool !

Yeah, I have also heard the lost in forex. But, when they share tips and told me why and what causes made them lost, now i know its all about greed and no discipline.

Do you believe, you can be rich with this business?
Do you believe, you can profit up to 90% at a very first month?
Do you believe, you can change you and your family life in this?
Do you believe, your capital is guaranteed by insurance policy?

If you don't believe it, that is not my problem.
I believe it because I have seen the prove and result.

As an advise, get the wright info from the wright person. If you get info from a wrong person you will get a negative and bad opinion.

Good luck buddy !

We are the world !

We are the world!